Friday, 27 April 2012

Asian Chiffon Cake

I've been baking more and more during my free time. My husband continues to tell everyone I'm baking and has gotten several people particularly interested in this particular cake!

This is a typical item sold in many asian bakeries, usually wrapped in parchment paper. It is super soft, airy and eggy! It is one of my favourite items and doesn't require many ingredients.

Every time I make it it comes out different! Little tweaks and timing changes the appearance of the cake.

Since I will be selling these to a few people, I won't be posting the recipe; however, pretty much any chiffon cake placed in these cups come out very similar =]

Super soft texture!


  1. Love Love Love these! Especially in green tea but dont need to humour me ;D Love it!

    1. =D Ty!! It would be interesting to add some green tea powder to these and see how they taste!