Sunday, 29 April 2012

Review: Truffles Cafe in VanDusen, Vancouver

I've been to many dessert places in Vancouver and in the Lower Mainland but have never even thought of writing a review regardless of all the comments in my mind I'd like to share about the products! Even today, only while I was there did I even realize I should've brought my dslr! Unfortunately for my first review, I don't have any pictures of the atmosphere, so please bear with me! I did take many pictures of the food.

One of my girlfriends had asked me to head down to VanDusen for afternoon tea. She is a great food adventurer and always invites me to try different places. She had heard of this cafe that serves tea for only $28 dollars for 2. This was great news to us. We've never heard of such a great deal in Vancouver.
Photo taken from Truffles Cafe website

Location: It was a lot easier to get there than I thought. I took transit down to Oak street from Oakridge Mall and it was only a few blocks down. There was a bus stop that stops right across from VanDusen which also brings you to Downtown Vancouver. 
Photo taken from Truffles Cafe website

Arrived to Truffles Cafe and was surprised to see we order at the counter and choose our own seating. I am used to being seated with a menu like all the other afternoon tea places. We ordered at the cashier and got to choose our sandwich and scone and chose a seat right next to the window.

:) - Large portions and good variety. Very good value for the money spent! I knew when it came we'd be very full.

:( - Strangely at the cashier, we were not given the option to choose our tea. When our food came, we were just given a tea without further information. Only until I looked on the internet did I know there was a variety to choose from.

:( - I had asked for a cranberry scone but a blueberry one came. I didn't have a problem with blueberry but it would've been nice if I got what I asked for.

Bottom tier: Italian Panini, blueberry scone

The panini was really good, crisp and fresh. Again, a ver large portion. The blueberry scone was okay. It wasn't the best thing I've had. It was a very regular scone. It tasted much like something I've made while in baking school. Finishing the bottom tier, we were already 90% full

Middle tier: Croissant, coconut macaroon, shortbread
 The croissant wasn't served warm and the texture seems a bit tough, perhaps even stale. The coconut macaroon had too much shredded coconut in comparison to other ingredients. My girlfriend and I was speculating whether it was a macaroon or just a ball of shredded coconut. Really one of the worst macaroons I've had. However, the shortbread cookie was nice a light, crisp, buttery.

Top Tier: Macarons, cherry pie, ganache tart

The macarons were good, not too sweet and soft. They did seem slightly underdone however, for the price we paid I was surprised to even see macarons on the plate so I wasn't complaining. The ganache tart + pie was mediocre. Typically my friend would try everything on the tiers but she didn't even want to touch those 2 particular items. I had a taste of each and it wasn't bad nor was it spectacular.

Overall: Great place for the price. If you're looking for a nice place to sit down and chat for a long period of time without getting the look, I think this is the place to be. Great view, comfortable and relaxing environment. However, I felt the food was lacking. Besides the panini and the macarons, the other items were mediocre. Although a great environment, I don't think I would revisit this particular establishment. 

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