Monday, 23 July 2012

Sweet Dream's Review: Burgoo, Vancouver

A good friend has stated numerous times that this particular establishment is delicious. On a hungry Sunday evening we decided to venture into Burgoo. Knowing it is a busy place, we called to make reservations. Interestingly, if reservations are made day of the meal, you must call in the morning, they do not take reservations after. No worries, so we asked how long the wait would be. Approx 20 minutes around 8pm.

So we arrived at 8. Busy with lineup. The waitress said it would be approximately 30-40 minute wait. I was a bit shocked because she said 20 minutes when we called at 7:40 but i don't blame her. It's hard to estimate with so many walk ins.

A great feature they had was the heated patio. Not only was there heat for the diners, but there is also a few seats (5 to be exact) in front of the door which are also heated. Very considerate in my opinion. The wait really was what she had stated earlier. About 30 minutes.

The crowd died down and the 2 of us sat at a booth which was really for about 5-6 people. I'm very picky about seating (I like isolated areas, also roomy seating) so I was feeling pretty good about the experience so far.

Strawberry lemonade $3.75
Really good drink with a strong flavour of lemon and then strawberry at the end. I think I would order this again next time.

Brie Fondue with roast garlic, honey and white wine, served with cut red 
apple and crusty bread $13

This particular item had many mixed reviews.
1. When I had this, the dip was a bit too salty, could not taste the wine, served extremely hot
2. When my friend had it the first time, the dip was not as salty, wine flavour truly in the dip
3. Then a classmate mentioned to me she really did not enjoy this dish. Hers was served lukewarm with chucks of cheese in the dip!

This looks like an inconsistency with the cooks. One thing it had in common though: the bread was not crusty. It was a soft, oily bread. I really loved the taste and the cheese was stringy, went well with the sliced apples.

Kentucky Burgoo with slow cooked meats with lima beans, corn, tomatoes, cabbage and okra, served over garlic mash potatoes or Burgoo biscuits  $16

I had this Kentucky dish and the meat was lamb when I had it. I'm very curious to know why it says "cooked meats" instead of just saying lamb or beef, etc. Is it different day to day? Maybe it's made with leftover meats from other items not served the previous day? I don't know. However, I feel not saying it's lamb could be trouble. Not everyone is fond of lamb and the flavour in the stew was quite strong.

Nevertheless this dish was great and I got to choose to pair it with mash potatoes, biscuits or half and half! 

Paella with tomato saffron rice with vegetables, chicken, Chorizo, prawns     and mussels, finished with olive oil and parsley $19

This paella was moderate. The rice was undercooked in my opinion. Maybe I had better paella in my day so it was mediocre (Cafe Medina is my favorite). however it had lots of meat and fresh mussels! I'd probably order something else next time though.

The portions were large. I still had half left after being extremely full. Interesting they place the bill in a chinese steamer. Why? I don't know, they didn't have any Chinese dishes on their menu but it was really unique!

Good service and good food. Large portions! I'd definitely visit again but i'd like to try something else on the menu.

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